About L.L.S.

Life.Love.Strength. the project

Since I was a teenager I have almost always used music group shirts, which, like many others, has become the garment par excellence for any type of occasion. The appearance of most underground groups, their visual experience and how to transmit messages through the merch has always fascinated me.

Since I started training some kind of sport (powerlifting, martial arts, functional training, olympic weightlifting …) I used my favourite bands shirts for practicing this.

Thus was born the idea of Life.Love.Strength., Looking for a way to combine the aesthetics of the merch (harcore, punk, metal, etc) in the context of sport and to be more specific with everything related to strength training.


Music is part of any training routine, whether you are going for a run or trying to beat your personal record on a squat, a bike route or mountain climbing. Listening to your favourite bands always helps you enjoy sports even more. In addition, music unites, many of my friends I have met through it. Some of these friends still train with me.


By profession I am a designer, so this project is the way I have to unite 3 of my greatest passions and enjoy experimenting with aesthetics / designs that go beyond what I would do in my daily work.


The name Life.Love.Strength. cannot be explained without explaining who  Unbroken was. Unbroken was one of the first Hardcore bands that I listened to with a unique sound which marked me a lot. Life. Love. Regret. (1994) is one of his best known albums and from it comes the idea of the name Life.Love.Strength. (🙏 «hope they don’t mind» ❤️) partly as a tribute to Unbroken.

Life. Love. Strength. is a project created by Abraham Guerra (alfreshco).